Traumatic Event Politicization

Death is tragic. Death and injury caused by senseless acts of violence is one of the hardest versions to cope with.

Modern media has chosen to capitalize on every one of these tragic events to advance a progressive agenda that includes the desire for additional gun control. This falls into “the ends justify the means” approach. Often times the swan song of “its time to act” or “we must not sit idle” fill the headlines and social media posts before all the facts of an event are even known. The chorus of the same arguments of how these horrible inanimate objects (guns) must be dealt with. The media and anti-gun organizations play on human emotion and fear in an attempt to garner support for their agenda. All of this while ignoring the true underlying causes of these events (my perspective on this is listed below). Meanwhile, this overwhelming blast of attention detracts from the suffering and loss of the affected families while offering a scapegoat excuse to the evil perpetrator. After all, if “guns are the problem” then how could responsibility possibly fall on the evil-doer?

In order to “solve” this problem, we would first have to have an honest understanding of the cause. Each circumstance will probably have its unique conditions and variables. There is likely not a one-size fits all cause or answer but I will offer that we can link many of these type of events back to a common cause. Social degeneration. The scenario not considered by the crowd of gun-control advocates is the possibility that the same ends-justify the means approaches they use in the endless pursuit of social justice may in fact be the common underlying contributor to these horrific events. We live in a world that seeks to demonize the family, Christianity, and masculinity in its entirety; a world that is creating generations of self-absorbed narcissists through constantly connected data-driven communications and media. A world in which many children and young adults lack qualified role models who can help guide them to understanding right from wrong, self-respect, respect for others, and personal responsibility and accountability for their actions. We live in world that lacks discipline and self-control. Is it really that shocking to learn that there are people who go off the rails when their only source of guidance and morality is Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, or YouTube? Many of today’s youth are left free-running to be guided by the electronic babysitter (Xbox, PS, Social Media, etc). How can we realistically expect they will learn right from wrong?

The easiest answer is to blame an inanimate object – the gun. It’s a much easier solution than acknowledging that the apparent increase of evil people who lack the capability to understand right from wrong or simply chose to ignore it may be a direct result of modern society.

We will likely never rid the world of evil people or traumatic events. These kind of tragedies can happen in any shopping mall, office building, gas station or even simply walking down the street. I firmly believe that additional gun control measures, additional legislation, or additional gun free zones will do nothing to curb the amount of these events. All they will do is restrict law-abiding citizens from having the best opportunity to protect themselves and their families. Last I looked, Murder is already ILLEGAL yet people still kill others. Criminals are criminals because they don’t have a regard for the law. In all the years I’ve been around guns, I’ve yet to see one jump off the table or out of a holster and shoot someone. Every time, it requires a decision-making human to fire a shot.

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