Training DVD’s to Check Out

If you are interested in honing your defensive shooting skills but can’t or don’t want to attend an in-person class, take a look at the training DVD’s available from ICE Training. Rob Pincus has developed a very sensible defensive shooting system used by several military and LE groups across the globe, it’s called Combat Focus Shooting. I have personally watched several of these including: Combat Focus Shooting, Advanced Pistol Handling, Extreme Close Quarters Shooting, Defensive Firearms Use in Public, and Subcompact Firearms. I thought all of them were excellent with the exception of the Subcompact Firearms DVD (was not great). If you are looking for one to start with, I recommend starting with “Combat Focus Shooting” as it lays the fundamentals from which all the other DVD’s follow.

Note – For those that may be wondering – we do not get any compensation for selling these DVD’s nor does have any relationship with ICE training.

Rob Pincus has also authored a book titled “Combat Focus Shooting” that covers the principles of the system.

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