The Truth Regarding Training

I recently read a short article, posted on the Internet; cautioning people to not think their “gear” can fight for them.

The thesis of this article was that some gun manufacturers advertise their products as the perfect solution to every situation and we should not be fooled into believing that. There is already a widely used descriptor for people who believe this type of marketing- it is mall ninja. Also- I do not think firearms are gear. To me gear is everything that supports you and your firearm

The article stressed the necessity of professional training because “you can’t know what you don’t know”. In today’s media age that is largely untrue. Internet forums, YouTube, etc. all provide a wealth of knowledge at little or no cost to anyone interested enough to Google a search term.

Today’s media also dispels the writer’s suggestion that “professional training” is the only arena in which we’ll find, I quote, “a master to compare ourselves to”… May the force be with you I guess…

According to the NRA gun ownership in The U.S. is at an all time high. Since the 2008 surge gun ownership has risen by about 90 million. The NRA estimates that there are 250 million privately owned firearms including 100 million handguns.

This huge increase in the gun market is something that many are understandably looking to cash in on. Most rely on a thin ice of credibility to promote themselves and their training programs. There’s even a guy who calls himself tactical XYZ. Talk about needing a better grip.

People who want your gun money define training as paying them to show you their take on armed self-defense.

If you have the money, time, and motivation I say hit them all. If you are more like most of us I recommend the following.

ü Joining the NRA
ü Participating in any NRA training you can get to
ü Shooting as often as possible with an eye toward improving
ü Participating in local gun club games such as bowling pins, steel matches, IDPA, etc.
ü Constantly reassess why you own a gun and if you carry, why you carry
ü Evaluate what you can do to increase your and your family’s safety without a gun- i.e. situational awareness, locks, alarms, auto garage doors, etc.

The last recommendation I can give is to socialize with a variety other gun owners. I really enjoy conversations at the range with other supporters of the second amendment. These relationships can and will provide a wealth of knowledge and experience at no cost.

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