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Wilson Combat TR-TTU-3G Trigger

The Wilson Combat 3G Tactical Trigger Unit is a single stage drop-in trigger unit that exceeds expectations. My Ruger 566 stock trigger is a single stage trigger with a 7lb 12oz pull. Like most mass-produced rifles the trigger is adequate but nothing to brag about. Fortunately, there are a lot of after market AR trigger […]

Sig Sauer P232SL Review


Sig Sauer P232SL: In the competitive small semi-auto self-defense and concealed carry market there are many players. Some come and go, but one star has been around for 35 yrs. Let’s take a look at an old friend that has all the right moves and will always catch your eye. History: Originally starting out as the […]

Daniel Defense ConVert Grip Review

The Daniel Defense ConVert Grip™ was developed by Daniel Defense at the request of the Special Operations community. The ConVert Grip™ allows users to adjust the mounting location for a pressure pad with a Cable Remote Assembly in one of 16 positions in a 360 degree arc around the grip. When a Cable Remote Assembly […]

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