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S&W M&P Shield 9mm and .40 S&W

Smith & Wesson introduced their new single stack, small sized, 9mm and .40S&W M&P’s just in time for the NRA annual meetings April 12-14 in St. Louis. This comes after weeks of ‘teaser” pieces from S&W; which, in itself, is a somewhat of a new (and annoying) marketing strategy from the company. There has been much speculation of these floating around for a while now, many (including myself) expected they would announce a small 9mm and/or .40 at SHOT show in Jan 2012 but alas they didn’t. No doubt intended to compete with the likes of the Ruger LC9 and other various “small” 9mm’s on the market ahead of it – the M&P9 Shield is a slimmed down version of the larger M&P9/M&P9c with the addition of a manual safety that looks similar to what is on the Bodyguard 380.


Smith & Wesson M&P SHIELD™ 9mm
$449.00 *
*Suggested Retail, Dealer Sets Actual Pricing
Model: M&P9 SHIELD™
Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 7 Round & 8 Round
Action: Striker Fire
Barrel Length: 3.1″ / 7.874 cm
Front Sight: White Dot
Rear Sight: White 2-Dot
Overall Length: 6.1″ / 15.5 cm
Frame Width: .95″ / 2.413 cm
Overall Height: 4.6″ / 11.684 cm
Weight: 19.0 oz / 538.7 g
Frame Material: Polymer
Barrel/Slide Finish: Black Melonite® 68 HRc
Trigger Pull: 6.5 lbs. +/-
Sight Radius: 5.3″ / 13.3 cm

If this mini version of their M&P line comes with the same reliability and versatility that has been demonstrated in the larger versions (while avoiding the “teething” issues experienced with the Bodyguard and improving the trigger over the larger versions), they will no doubt have a popular seller on their hands!

What do you think? Think it offers any improvements over the existing products already on the market (LC9, P290, PM/CM9, PF9, PPS, Solo, Nano)? Do you think it will hold off market share for other new entries such as the XDS (.45ACP) or P938?


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  • Mike M. says:

    Update – the .40 S&W model is expected to be on dealer shelves the first week of May

  • Mike M. says:

    Handled the Shield at the NRA AM in St. Louis – The M&P Shield has an improved trigger vs the standard M&P. It is a little big for pocket carry but is a comfortable feeling pistol. The manual safety leaves a bit to be desired. I have to give Smith credit though, they are on the shelves in stores for purchase the same day of the announcement! I stopped by a Cabelas on the way home and they had them (9mm) in stock for $449.95 (no doubt less elsewhere). In another favorable nod to Smith, they worked with accessory makers in advance of the launch so there is a whole line of accessories ready for them.