S&W M&P Pistol Series

Not too many months ago I purchased a M&P Compact 9mm for my wife. After shooting it and thoroughly wringing it out I put a M&P on my wish list.

As wish lists go, mine is long. Who doesn’t want two of everything? So time moved on and I continued to shoot a Ruger P89 in local steel matches. (scores and videos are posted on the forum)

I believe the P89 is a fine pistol. It’s accuracy and shoot-ability have always kept me in any shooting game.

Unfortunately, after a couple thousand rounds, the extractor quit on me during a steel match. Another competitor loaned me a S&W M&P Pro 9mm for the rest of the stages. (video posted on the forum ;-)…)

After shooting the Pro at “Friday Night Steel” I picked one up the following Monday. The LGS said that S&W won’t be manufacturing Pros again until Sept. That’s not a fact that I’ve verified.

Regardless, I found my Pro to have a disappointing trigger out of the box. It was gritty on the take up, mushy through the pull and the reset was not satisfactory.

Apex Tactical produces quality parts to cure all these ills. I ordered the competition kit and the RAM kit. The M&P is amazing easy to disassemble and reassemble. I had it down to the frame, upgraded, and back together in less than a hour.

The ergos of the M&P are superb. It’s also light and “thin”. Magazines are also interchangeable between like calibers. This means you could have a compact for a back up and use your full size magazine in it.

The S&W M&P series is American made, high quality, versatile, easily “worked on”, and affordable.

Franky, I’m not going to stop until I have the complete 9mm line up!

Hope to see you posting on the board!

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