Ruger SR-556 Review

Ruger SR-556: “Employing a patent-pending, chrome-plated, two-stage piston driven operating system that provides the user with a cleaner, cooler running, reliable firearm that is truly state-of-the-art”

There it is the first Ruger AR.

Ruger may have been late to the game; however they came to play. This AR is great looking and loaded right out of the box. Simply put you literally need nothing but ammo after adding this machine to your collection.

What it comes with:

1. Three (3) thirty (30) round Magpul magazines
2. Troy folding battle sights
3. Troy rails and hand guards
4. Six position butt stock
5. Soft carry case
6. Sight adjustment tool- (what a nice touch Ruger!)
7. Hogue pistol grip

Pros: It’s redundant; however this rifle is fully loaded out of the box. If you are like me you don’t want to spend the money and the time tracking down add-ons to your new rifle. With the exception of the upper receiver, trigger assembly, and the butt stock- Ruger went ahead and utilized the industry leaders in all the typical add-ons.

It was a brilliant move and a major reason I chose to purchase it over similar 556s in the same price range. Speaking of price- you can own one of these for $1,600 or less out the door (tax, ect.).

Chrome is king: The bolt and barrel are chrome and a snap to clean. After 300 rounds today the bolt and components wiped clean. No scrubbing, no cleaner, just a cotton rag and some oil.

Accuracy wise there isn’t much to say but “hell yeah”. Using the Troy sights I was on it all day from 100 yards.

Cons: The cons for me are short and somewhat serious. The trigger pull, and reset were brutal. It is a single stage that is similar to popping the top on a soda can with short fingernails… tough and painful.

You feel this trigger all the way and it is a hard pull. Frankly it was distracting for me. Rule out trying to accurately put thirty fast ones on target. The long reset is going to prevent that.

On a much less serious note the butt stock is blah. The sling attachment does not pivot and I found it hard to get a good cheek rest on it- and I have a lot of cheek. It also dug into my shoulder and proved you’d remember it after a long day of shooting.

Observations: From the flash suppressor to halfway down the rail it gets hot, damn hot. You’ll need the hand guards or some other attachment to stay cool while shooting. The Hogue grip offered a lot of traction and felt great.

Summary: Ruger put their first AR together nicely. It is a great value and is as advertised. The trigger is not for more demanding shooters, nor is the stock. The chrome parts are beyond sweet and make it easy to clean. I highly recommend the Ruger SR-556, especially if you’re looking to pick up your first AR.


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