Reasons Why YOU Should Join The NRA

Whether you are an avid gun enthusiast, hunter, competition shooter, a person concerned about self-defense, or simply someone who is interested in protecting your Constitutional rights – there are numerous reasons why you should be an active member of the National Rifle Association. In fact, there are many more reasons to join the NRA than I’ll be able to capture in this article. That said, here are some of the highlights:

• To protect our Constitutional rights – The NRA’s primary focus is to protect Americans’ 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. In doing so, they are also working to protect all of our Constitutional rights. With millions of members and a demonstrated history of success, the NRA is perhaps the last and single most effective means of protecting Americans’ Constitutional rights in an era when lawmakers and politicians continue to discard or ignore them. The NRA-ILA is likely the most diligent organization in the world at monitoring gun related legislation and keeping its members abreast of all pertinent legislative actions.

• The NRA invests countless dollars into developing and delivering safety and training programs. This ranges from law enforcement training, to certified firearms instruction courses for the public, to the Eddie Eagle program designed to bring firearms safety awareness to children. One of the main objectives of the NRA is to promote safe and responsible firearm ownership and use. By supporting the NRA, you are doing your part to ensure safe and responsible gun ownership for generations to come.

• The NRA supports and promotes various shooting competitions throughout the United States each year.

• NRA membership also offers several benefits including: annual magazine subscription (included in most levels of membership), free AD&D insurance (varies with type of membership), and many member discount programs (hotels, car rentals, and many other products and services).

Lastly, we offer a Membership Discount through this website to make it even easier to join.

In today’s world of increasing government control, non-nonsensical politics, and what seems like a never-ending infringement of our Constitutional rights; many people continue to ask the question – “What can I do about any of this?”. One of the answers to this question is: JOIN THE NRA TODAY!

You can view a more complete list of NRA membership benefits HERE

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