NRA AM – Smith & Wesson (including M&P Shield)

Here are some pictures from the S&W booth at the 2012 NRA Annual Meeting in St Louis. Overall, I thought the new M&P Shield was very comfortable to hold and offered an improved trigger (vs the standard M&P). The BodyGuard style manual safety isn’t the easiest to manipulate and the Shield is probably a little to big for most people to pocket carry. Aside from the gimicky marketing strategy (teaser info), it is impressive that S&W coordinated the release in a manner that there were guns (9mm version) in stock in gun stores ready for purchase on launch day. Also impressive was how they worked with accessory manufacturers, in advance, to ensure a wide range of accessories were available out of the gate. It is a big plus that they didn’t leave people waiting for months on end for these to be available in stores (unlike many other manufacturers product releases).

Update – the .40 S&W models should arrive in shelves the first week of May.

(click on the image to see the full size version).

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