NRA AM – Sig Sauer

The Sig Sauer booth was packed at the 2012 NRA AM so they appear to be doing something right. I had my 5yr old son with me at the show and the people working the Sig booth were very friendly to both of us. This was good to see as I (like many others) have fallen out of love with Sig Sauer over the last few years. They have struggled with poor quality control, poor customer service, excessive marketing madness, poor communications to customers (and media), and a bit of a lack of innovation over the last few years. I used to be a staunch Sig Sauer fan, that was back when the Sig name meant unparalleled quality and reliability. “To hell and back reliability” was their motto, and that was an accurate description of what you could expect from a Sig Sauer product. This isn’t necessarily the case any longer as demonstrated by some of their new products to hit the market.

I took a close look at the P938 and P224 at the show. The P938 is a very small, ultra concealable, 1911 style 9mm pistol. Just slightly longer than the P238 (.380 version), it is a very good size for easy pocket carry. I could do without the 10 million finish variants (gambler, lady, diamondplate, etc, etc) but I guess people must like these as they are apparently selling well. As for the P224, I found it to be very chunky. I’m not sure what purpose it fills. It’s too big and thick for pocket carry, its limited in capacity,  and seems like it could be prone to heavy muzzle flip. Honestly, I think the P239 serves any purpose needed in this size category.

Also introduced at the show were some custom finishes (or tramp stamp style designs). Not something I was interested in so I honestly didn’t spend much time with it. They also did have an $18,500 “Black Beauty” P226 on display (pics below).

Pictures from the Sig Sauer Booth (click on the picture to see full size version):

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