NRA AM – Kimber America

The gun that surprised me the most (favorably) at the 2012 NRA Annual Meetings was the Kimber Solo (9mm). This was the first opportunity I had to handle one in person (availability of these has been limited). The Solo is a very small and sleek carry pistol with an incredibly smooth trigger. The bevels of the gun have been completely smoothed out and the compact size make this a perfect gun for pocket carry. I have to temper my enthusiasm for this pistol though due to the reports of problems with the gun. It is a little picky on what ammo you put into it, some people have reported problems with the finish coming off, and it has very limited availability (even though it was announced over a year ago). These things combined with my experience (and I’m not alone on this, I know master dealers who struggle getting orders filled and questions answered) with Kimber’s communication (lack of) leaves me hesitant to purchase one.

Pictures from the Kimber booth (click on the pictures to enlarge):

Thanks to Flint for a couple additional Solo pictures from the NRA show.

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