“Made in the USA”? Series

Over the next couple of weeks we will be doing a series of articles that look into handguns that are marketed as “Made in the USA”. These articles will be based on the results of an ArmsTalk.com survey that has been sent to various gun manufacturer’s who advertise handguns that are “Made in the USA”. Our main goal of this project is to clarify any misconceptions or rumors that are out there surrounding this subject. In some instances, guns that are marketed as “Made in the USA” are actually “Assembled in the USA” and use one or more foreign manufactured components. We hope to get some definitive answers on exactly which guns are 100% Manufactured and Assembled in the USA (Every component of the gun must be manufactured in the USA to qualify for this category). At the end of the series, we will summarize the results including a listing of all the companies that were included in the survey and any that chose not to respond.

Note – the goal of this series is to clarify facts about handguns marketed as “Made in the USA”, we will not delve into opinions on whether US or foreign made handguns are better than each other, that’s a personal decision for each individual to make.

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