“Made in the USA”? Series – Partial Response

STI International provided a general statement in response to our MIUSA Survey.

Rabbit Boyett, Marketing Director/Sales, STI International provided the following response via email on 12/21/10:

Mike  I’m very sorry but I’m just not going to be able to get this for you this time around. I am just WAY too overloaded right now! (Partially because what your survey requires such in-depth answers.) I can give you a quick answer, though- While we make most of our guns and parts here, there are some foreign made non-critical components. Also, we are a 100% employee owned company based in Georgetown, Tx. Anyone (including yourself) who is interested in what we do is welcome to come out to our facility on Thursdays at 9:30 for a full tour. On your survey, please feel free to follow up with me after SHOT, though.”

From the STI website:

STI International, Inc. manufactures all of its own components except pins, springs, scopes, and our outsourced firearms, the Spartan and the Texican. The suppliers of these purchased parts are reputable manufacturers with whom we have long term business relationships. We are, therefore, supremely confident in the fit, form, and function of every firearm and firearm part that we ship to our loyal customer base. With that in mind, we unconditionally warranty our products for their intended purpose, when installed properly, As with any product, abuse and normal wear are excluded.

As with all the other manufacturer’s, here is the survey that was sent to STI on 12/14/10 –

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