Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner & Dry Lube

Like me, many of you probably have gone through numerous types and brands of gun cleaning products. This is one that I really love. It cleans guns better than any other cleaner I have tried. Spray it on and it melts off powder residue with ease. I originally purchased this product to degrease and clean my reloading equipment then decided to try it out on my guns and haven’t looked back since. I don’t rely on it as my only means of gun lubrication (I use Mil-Comm products for that) but for cleaning guns, it’s hard to beat. Combine One Shot with some Mil-Comm lubricants and a quality OTIS cleaning kit and you are good to go.

One Shot Gun Cleaner & Dry Lube reduces friction, cleans grit, grime, old oil and gunk from firearms, loaders and loading tools. It leaves behind a thin, dry lube that’s impervious to heat, cold or buildup.

The only complaint I have about it is that it isn’t available in a larger can.

I recommend ordering it from Midsouth Shooters Supply or Powder Valley Inc. as they have better prices than I have found at Hornady, MidwayUSA, Cabelas, or Graf’s.

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