Ed Brown Introduces 2014 models

Ed Brown Products introduces 2014 models!

Special Forces Series
Built for performance and extreme use, our new Special Forces series 1911 pistols have everything you need for serious performance. Featuring our new for 2014 Chainlink III grip treatment, which takes the Chainlink II (golf ball style treatment) introduced in 2013 to a new level of enhancement. The smaller golf ball pattern and high tech machining of Chainlink III improves cosmetic appearance, and maintains a secure grip without being too aggressive. Also included as standard equipment is our new forged slide stop with a serrated lever for positive engagement. The G10 grips are now standard and look fantastic. We think you’ll agree that our new improved Special Forces series are the ultimate 1911 handguns for serious use!




Classic Custom Enhanced

The new Classic Custom Enhanced Edition is based on our timeless Classic Custom pistol, and includes hand relief engraving by our master engraver, on the slide only. The Classic Custom Enhanced has all the bells and whistles, and includes those extra enhancements that you don’t really need, but really want! The unique slide treatment sets it apart from any other pistol. The sides of the slide are painstaking kept absolutely flat and true with crisp edges, and are then brought to a gorgeous mirror finish by hand, to contrast and enhance the glass bead finished frame. To enhance the beauty and uniqueness of this gun, our master engraver applies an elegant hand relief engraving to the flats of the slide. The top of the slide is flattened and finely grooved to provide a no glare runway effect that naturally guides your eye to the front sight. The rear of the slide is finely serrated 50 lines per inch to match the deep buried adjustable sight and eliminate distracting light reflection. The frame and mainspring housing are elegantly finished with our exclusive Skip-Line checkering. We think you’ll agree the Classic Custom Enhanced represents the ultimate in quality firearm craftsmanship at it’s finest!




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