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Traumatic Event Politicization

Death is tragic. Death and injury caused by senseless acts of violence is one of the hardest versions to cope with. Modern media has chosen to capitalize on every one of these tragic events to advance a progressive agenda that includes the desire for additional gun control. This falls into “the ends justify the means” […]

NRA – Freedom’s Safest Place

Good videos from NRA News (All are good but I especially like the spots from Marcus Luttrell, Sheriff David Clarke, and Wayne LaPierre) – The entire series can be viewed at NRA NEWS. Back in 2010, I wrote an article titled Reasons Why You Should Join the NRA, those reasons (and many more) are as […]

Ed Brown 2nd Amendment 1911

   One of the most important rights protected by the 2nd Amendment is personal and home defense. However, firearm enthusiasts know all too well that the right to “keep and bear arms” is constantly under attack from politicians and activists. Freedom is at the heart of the 2nd Amendment, and we are extremely proud to […]