A&G Custom Leather Gun Belt Review

I love fine leather gun accessories as much as anyone else, what I hate is the wait time that’s typically associated with them – I simply don’t have the patience to wait weeks or months to get a product. A&G is a custom leather company that offers a “Quick Ship Program” for custom leather gun belts and they actually live up to it.

Info from Manufacturer:

A&G Custom Leather Website

Since we got involved in our “Quick Ship Program” it has become the growth of our operation.

This is how it works: We have taken the most commonly requested width (1 ½”) and determined the 3 most requested colors which are Black (black thread), Dark Brown (black thread) and Light Brown (white thread). Offered in sizes ranging from 34 inches to 44 inches.

We realize our criteria is somewhat narrow as far as selection – but it has to be, if we are to complete shipments within that short time frame.

To take advantage of this program, this criteria must be met.  1 1/2” Bull Hide only in the above colors. You can select any buckle with matching Chicago Screws you wish. Sizes are 34 to 44 (no exceptions). They are punched with 5 holes positioned 1” apart using an oblong punch.

These belts are hand crafted the same way as every other belt in our shop.  We have invested our time and money in this program so that, if the criteria we have set meets your demand, you won’t have a lengthy wait. Your new gun belt will be shipped the following business day at only $69.95.

Each belt is hand crafted from 2 layers of  6/7 oz  Bull Hide  from the finest tanneries available. (the thickness will be a tad shy of .25”) . We only use Premium Grade A hides from the finest tanneries. The straps are then dipped in dye so they absorb the intended color at a more even rate. Then glued and sewn with “black” or “white” heavy duty nylon thread. Each belt then goes through a 21 step process of edging, dying, burnishing, sealing, sanding and then to the final coat. All this is done by hand to achieve a truly hand crafted product.  Our belts will last for years and function as they were intended.



These belts are very well constructed, are extremely sturdy (I’ll refer to them as “meaty”), are perfectly finished, and are as comfortable as I have ever had. They will easily provide the necessary support for carrying any size firearm comfortably (both IWB and OWB) all day long without sagging. The speed of delivery is excellent especially for custom leather goods – I received my belt two days after I ordered it!! This is really a great gun belt, I highly recommend it!

Note – A&G also offers custom leather gun belts that are not “quick ship”

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