.380ACP Pocket Pistol Comparison

Here’s a side by side look at 4 (3 with pictures) of the hottest .380ACP pistols available on the market today – the Sig Sauer P238, Ruger LCP, S&W Bodyguard 380, and Kahr P380.

Comparison of Manufacturer Specifications:

Sig P238 S&W BG380 Ruger LCP Kahr P380 (not pictured)
Length 5.5″ 5.25″ 5.16″ 4.9″
Height 3.9″ 4.1″ 3.6″ 3.9″
Width 1.1″ .75″ .82″ .75″
Weight 15.2oz (w/mag) 11.85oz 9.4oz 9.97oz (w/o mag)
Barrel Length 2.7″ 2.75″ 2.75″ 2.5″ (match grade)
Sights Siglite Night Drift Adjustable Black Fixed White bar (Tritium Optional)
Trigger Type SAO DAO DAO DAO
Frame Alloy Polymer Glass-filled Nylon Polymer
Slide Stainless Stainless Alloy Steel Stainless
Capacity 6+1 6+1 6+1 6+1
MSRP (standard config) $643.00 $575.00 $364.00 $649.00


Additional Items to Consider:

  • The Sig P238 had quite a few issues initially and the customer service support on them was less than stellar. These are great little guns if can you get one without issues.
  • The Ruger LCP sight’s leave a lot to be desired – as with all of these guns, we advise using a laser (such a the Crimson Trace LG) to assist in defensive aiming.
  • The Ruger LCP requires a screwdriver to pry out the slide takedown pin in order to field strip it.
  • The slide on the Ruger LCP does not lock open after the last round is fired.
  • The S&W Bodyguard laser activation button isn’t always easily turned on/off while pointing the gun.
  • The triggers on the Ruger LCP and S&W BG380 aren’t for everyone, be sure to try one out before purchasing.
  • Most of these little guns have a recommended minimum 200 rnd break-in period.

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