2016 NRA Annual Meetings – Louisville, KY

I just returned from a fun-filled weekend at the NRA AM in Louisville. In past years, I’ve attended NRA AM for both work and personal reasons; this year I decided just to focus on spending personal time at the event with my 9yr old son (this is the 3rd NRA AM I’ve taken him along to).  This year I didn’t even apply for a Media pass (overrated anyway as your NRA membership gets you into the same things) and didn’t take a DSLR with me. I did have my iPhone with me but for some reason it took horrible pictures this time (not been a problem before so something must be wrong with it). So given all that, I don’t have many exciting pictures to share but will summarize some of our experience:

  • Traffic coming into the event was extremely heavy, more so that past shows. Some of this no doubt had to do with Mr. Trumps appearance at the NRA-ILA Leadership Conference on Friday. 
  • As always the event was filled with masses of down-to-earth, like-minded, gun-loving patriots. 
  • The NRA-ILA Leadership Conference start was delayed by nearly 1.5hrs; the announcements broadcast over the PA system said it was to accommodate members still waiting to get through security but my guess is that it had as much to do with Donald Trumps arrival as anything else. I’m very proud that my 9yr old son was a trooper through it all – hungry and thirsty, he remained excited through the entire delay and seemed to enjoy listenening to many of the speakers.
  • While I enjoyed most all of the speakers at the event, I personally thought Chris Cox and Sherrif David Clarke’s speeches were outstanding. The enormous crowds on hand responsed enthusiastically to all the speakers. My son and I and thousands of others thoroughly enjoyed seeing Mr. Trump.
  • As for the exhibition hall – the floor was shoulder-to-shoulder on both days we walked the floor. I was most impressed with the new M&P Shield .45ACP from S&W, the 7.62mm DD5V1 rifle from Daniel Defense, and a wide array of products from Vortex Optics. Overall, I’m not sure I would call it a revolutionary year for new products, but as always there was an amazing display of products on hand to experience. The Shield .45 and DD5V1 along with several Vortex products are on my wish list 🙂

All in all, it was a great weekend spent with my son amongst like-minded individuals. The NRA AM has become somewhat of an annual tradition for my boy and I; I’m not terribly excited that next years event is in Atlanta (no offense intended) so we’ll see if we go next year or skip a year and wait for Dallas.

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