Month: January 2011

Kimber Announces Solo 9mm – Updated

Building on the popularity of the small micro-compact .380 ACP pistols, the hot trend (aside from 1911 commemoratives) for 2011 is clearly micro-compact 9mm’s. Kimber has entered this market by announcing the “Solo” chambered in 9mm. Kimber joins recent entries by Sig Sauer (P290) and Ruger (LC9) as well as established players like Kahr (PM9). […]

“Made in the USA”? Series – Partial Response

STI International provided a general statement in response to our MIUSA Survey. Rabbit Boyett, Marketing Director/Sales, STI International provided the following response via email on 12/21/10: “Mike  I’m very sorry but I’m just not going to be able to get this for you this time around. I am just WAY too overloaded right now! (Partially […]

Sig Sauer P232SL Review


Sig Sauer P232SL: In the competitive small semi-auto self-defense and concealed carry market there are many players. Some come and go, but one star has been around for 35 yrs. Let’s take a look at an old friend that has all the right moves and will always catch your eye. History: Originally starting out as the […]