Month: December 2010

“Made in the USA”? Series – Wilson Combat

We continue our “Made in the USA”? series with Wilson Combat. Based in Berryville, AR, Wilson has been making high-quality custom firearms since 1977. With only one exception, Wilson Combat utilizes US made components in every firearm it makes – the only foreign made component in a Wilson firearm is the medallion that is placed in […]

.40 S&W Compact Pistol Comparison

Below is a side-by-side specification comparison of the .40 S&W compact pistols that are commonly available on the market today. You’ll note that I’ve arranged these by slide width (left to right, thinnest to widest). I arranged these this way because I personally believe gun width is the largest contributing factor to comfortable concealed carry […]

Wilson Combat Introduces their Centennial 1911

This is a nice looking piece of craftsmanship. Press Release: Introducing the Wilson Combat Centennial 1911 In 2011, Wilson Combat will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the gun that helped build our company and the American genius that invented it, John Moses Browning. Browning was the greatest firearms designer the world has ever known and […]

“Made in the USA”? Series

Over the next couple of weeks we will be doing a series of articles that look into handguns that are marketed as “Made in the USA”. These articles will be based on the results of an survey that has been sent to various gun manufacturer’s who advertise handguns that are “Made in the USA”. […]