Month: February 2010

Small Sub-Compact Handguns

This is a subject that is very popular of late – small sub-compact handguns, AKA mouseguns or pocket guns. While a great deal of focus in many of these discussions centers around the caliber of ammunition itself, the value and purpose of these types of guns is often dismissed or overlooked altogether. The main concept […]

EoTech MPO (Multi-Purpose Optic) Review

Highlights: The MPO from L3 EoTech combines the 557 holographic weapon sight with the “flip-to-side” 3x magnifier. This optic provides a great solution for CQB and mid-range distances. The unit is extremely rugged and easy to operate. The 557 is configured with the ballistic matching reticle calibrated specifically for the ballistic drop of .223 caliber […]